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2022 Going out with a bang?

I don't know about you but 2022 was a real tough year for most everyone I know. Between loosing people, personal illness, companies closing and the hemp market crashing - 2022 is a year I am willing to say goodbye to.

And in doing so I welcome 2023 and the chance to make positive changes in my life. I am not a 'Make a resolution" kind of girl; although I have been in the past. I am now more of a "Make a vision board" kind of girl and so that is what I will be doing the first day of the new year. I started this tradition many years ago and have kept it up as its a good way for me to see and recognize the direction I would like my life to go.

I remember one year my vision board was only a list of words. But they were powerful words and that what what I needed that year. This year will be more of a colorful one, with words and photos from magazines I find at thrift stores. Its amazing what you can create for yourself from a blank canvas - this year the poster board is $1.25 at the Dollar Stores, but the challenge is there for us all. To create our life, our world, our vision.

My vision for each of you is good health and a new knowledge and appreciation for Hemp, CBD, CGB, Raw Hemp CBDa, CBGa and CBN. So much information and some new trials underway to prove what we have knowns for so long. Hemp doesn't take away from your THC experience, it adds to it. Especially as a food source and as a raw supplement to your regular Daily routine. Our Hemp Everything Bagel Spice is perfect on your avocado or mango toast in the mornings - bringing homeostasis in every bite.

For lunch try a sandwich with out Hemp All Purpose NoSalt Seasoning for a flavor punch of celery and citrus.

Stay tuned here for more hints and tips, recipes and videos - as well as class announcements.

Welcome 2023 - Anticipation of great things to come.

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