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Cannabis is Food

Science has shown us that there are many ways to consume our medicine, and eating or digesting cannabis as food has been around for a long time. Its natural to put it all together and make cannabis part of your daily dietary routine.

For many people "Wake n Bake" is a familiar term and using cannabis by smoking while having your morning coffee or tea is a tradition for many. However, these days cannabis consumers are looking for new and healthier ways to consume cannabis. Gummies are a quick and easy, very ordinary way to enjoy your medicine. But there are constantly questions about ingredients and sugar content.

For those looking for other ways to consume and to get the most from their investment in their medical cannabis, consuming raw cannabis is a great way to start. The NATIONAL Cannabis Industry Association tells us, " Studies have also shown that consuming raw cannabis has the potential to treat lupus, arthritis and neurodegenerative diseases, help stimulate appetite and decrease nausea, prevent the spread of malignant prostate cancer cells, and prevent cell damage that can lead to serious illness and poor health."