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CBD-A: the Mother of CBD

I am always talking about the difference between raw cannabis and processed cannabis

and how each one has their benefits. Until recently the leaves and other products have

been thought of as trash but now, we know better. Those leaves are, a super food and

have as many health benefits as the rest of the plant. They are just processed and

utilized a little differently.

What an amazing plant cannabis is – right? From its raw leaves and buds to its

decarbed processes and even her roots – cannabis is still being explored for all the

benefits available from this plant.

This web site; has great

information on the health benefits of CBDA and compares it to CBD in some of their


As most of you know CBDA is the precursor for CBD – it’s the raw unprocessed part of

the Hemp plant, and are present in leaves, buds and even stems. “Most cannabinoids

such as CBD bind with CB1 or CB2 receptors but CBDA interacts with the body by

inhibiting the COX-2 Enzyme (cyclooxygenase-2). Blocking this enzyme impedes the

production of prostaglandin hormones causing pain, swelling, inflammation and other

painful conditions. So CBDA can ease these symptoms like other NSAIDs, e.g., aspirin

or ibuprofen but without the associated risks of cardiovascular disease or kidney

damage. (Research data from clinical trials revealed that COX-2 inhibitors caused a

significant increase in heart attacks and strokes – some drugs in this category

incurring more risks than others).”

Newest research is showing just how important CBDA is in so many ways. From

Schools of Pharmacology doing pain and inflation studies with soldiers to NIH studies

with the elderly on cognitive functions, blood supply issues and digestive complications.

And especially the studies on the effects of CBDA on breast cancer patients and those

with heart disease.

“The easiest way is to blend fresh hemp leaves into a smoothie or juice them. They can

also be added to a salad like any other herbs. However, in most places where only

industrial hemp is legal, including EU countries and many parts of the US, the best way

to experience the potential benefits of CBDA is by taking an organic, lab-tested, full-

spectrum CBD oil sublingually. This way one can ensure that it does in fact contain some form of CBDA (confirmed by product lab tests). Usually, CBDA oil tastes much more acidic than CBD oil, which can be a good indication of its acidity content. It’s important to remember that the process of heating or cooking with CBD oil will make the carboxylation reaction occur and therefore lose any CBDA that it contains.”

We are lucky in Florida to have fresh CBDA available in many forms, fresh leaves and

salad mixes, Hemp Spice Blends from and the fresh flower

buds grown by our local farmers. Reach out – we are happy to help you find a farmer in

your area.

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