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Everything Bagel Hemp Seasoning has endless possibilities.

One of my favorite parts in creating this line of products was the taste testing and recipe tests.

Normally Everything Bagel Hemp would be used on a bagel but there are so many other options for this multi flavored spice.

Check out these options:

In this article from Taste or Home, Lisa gives us lots of choices:

Spice Up Your Bread Dough

A plain loaf rises to the next level thanks to everything bagel flavors. Simply brush your bread with an egg wash when it’s ready to go in the oven, then sprinkle generously with seasoning. Our Everything Bread recipe shows you exactly how it’s done.

And don’t stop with this loaf. Try this seasoning blend on pretzels and breadsticks, too!

Add It to Mac and Cheese

There are few dishes are unashamedly comforting as mac and cheese! If you’re making a homemade version of this classic, here’s a quick way to step things up a notch. Before you add the top layer of cheese, sprinkle some Everything But the Bagel seasoning onto the pasta. You won’t regret this move!

Mix It into Coleslaw

One of the nation’s favorite side dishes needs little introduction. However, there’s a quick and easy way to improve on this added extra. Stirring everything bagel mix into your coleslaw gives it a little something extra. The savory flavors of the mix work perfectly in this crunchy side. Try this combo with one of our coleslaw recipes.

Upgrade Your Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail that few of us can resist. Many people like to put celery salt around the rim of the glass, but how about using seasoning instead? Everything bagel seasoning goes oh-so-well with tomato juice!

And don’t stop with the seasoning. A Bloody is nothing without great garnishes.

Check out the link below for so many other options. Then let us know how you used your Everything Bagel Hemp Seasoning.


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