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Supporting Women in Cannabis

Below you will see some excerpts from the Blog post from my Friend Doreen who owns My Bud Vase - If you have not been to her site - then go there asap and enter to win this phenomenal gift basket and check out all these other Women in Cannabis Business that we support.

Where we spend our time and our money matter. Like me, they have a passion for cannabis and how it has changed their lives. Check out their web sites and let them know that Doreen and I sent you - we like to support each other. Uplifting by lifting up.


CANNABIS NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS Happy 2023! The new year is here, and with it comes the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate and new resolutions. If you're a fan of cannabis culture, there are plenty of ways you can improve your relationship with weed this year and create ripples of positive change across the cannabis industry!

SUPPORT WOMEN IN CANNABIS Not only are women growing cannabis, they’re also creating new products to introduce cannabis to the mainstream—and having fun doing it! Like our dear friend Lauren of KushKards, who's cute and clever stationary line is blazing into retail shops all across America. Send one to a friend with a sweet note to make their day!

MICRODOSE YOUR WORKOUTS Cannabis and exercise may seem like an unlikely pair, but microdosing can actually enhance your workouts. It can improve your focus, motivation, and even help with recovery. Take it a step further and let your love for cannabis be known with your gym apparel! These high fashion items from White Buffalo might be just the motivation you need to be more active in 2023.

Looking for something more “ready to eat”? Check out Franny’s Farmacy’s amazing new line of hemp pasta.

SUPPORT A CANNABIS PRISONER Unfortunately, there are still many people serving time in prison for non-violent cannabis offenses. You can support them by donating to organizations that provide legal assistance, like Last Prisoner Project, or by writing letters to let them know they're not alone. The new year is the perfect time to find new ways to enjoy cannabis and improve your relationship with weed. Whether you're a seasoned pro or trying cannabis for your first time in 2023, there's always something to learn.

Go to Doreen's blog and sign up for the sweepstakes yall! ✌️

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